Sister Nivedita

The absolute surrender of Miss Margaret Noble at the feet of an Indian sannyasin stands as a glorious proof of the submission of the West before the spiritual Light of India. This truth finds its significant corroboration in the very name 'Nivedita' given her by her Master, Swami Vivekananda. Truly, Nivedita was an emblem of true offering. She successfully utilised the power that she received from her Master in the cause of uplifting Indian womanhood and of freeing the Indian nation from foreign yoke. This again proves that as the East is endowed with the power of imparting spirituality, even so, the West possesses the power of receiving it.

No Indian will ever deny the important role that she played after entering into the Indian political fray. With a fearless heart, she associated herself with the activities of Sri Aurobindo, Tilak and other political leaders of the front rank. To our joy, her mighty sacrifice was crowned with success.