Nag Mahashay

One of the foremost disciples of Sri Ramakrishna was a very good homeopath who wanted to live in a very simple manner. He had a big heart, so he used to help the poor without charging them any fee. His name was Durga Charan Nag, but he is known as Nag Mahashay. He was devotion incarnate, humility incarnate and surrender incarnate. According to many, he was insane in every sense of the term. But according to my inner vision, he was a supremely God-intoxicated man. I am praying that Mother-Earth will be blessed by many more seekers who are as simple, as sincere, as dedicated, as devoted and as surrendered as Nag Mahashay.

When Sri Ramakrishna used to give prasad on a plantain leaf, Nag Mahashay used to eat even the leaf, because he felt that it was also a blessingful gift from the Master.