Troilanga Swami

The great Indian spiritual Master Troilanga Swami was the possessor of tremendous occult power and spiritual power. According to Sri Ramakrishna, he was the moving Lord Shiva. Once, Sri Ramakrishna asked him, through gestures, about God. Also through gestures, Troilanga Swami made it clear to Sri Ramakrishna that high above, in Heaven, God is One, but when we are in the body, then the body becomes the only reality for us and God becomes the many.

Troilanga Swami renounced everything. He always remained unclothed. He did not ask anybody for food. If others came and fed him, he ate, but he never cared for quality or quantity. Sri Ramakrishna offered him a very large quantity of Indian sweets. Another time, some wicked people offered him a very, very large quantity of lime. He ate it and it caused him to vomit immediately. But for their misbehaviour they touched his feet and cried. Troilanga Swami forgave them.