Question: If we want to pray for your weightlifting, if we want to offer our encouragement, what should we pray for?

Sri Chinmoy: Do not pray, do not pray! Why torture yourself? I only want you to have goodwill for my weightlifting, that is all. Your prayer means your goodwill. Unfortunately, some people have become jealous of my achievements in the weightlifting world. Does jealousy have any sense? It is absurdity on the face of it! Luckily, their jealousy could not prevent me from lifting.

I have some critics also. They have said that I am not lifting 300 and 400 pounds as high as I lifted the 100-pound dumbbell. Fortunately, Jim Smith has defended me. He says that when it is a matter of the heaviest weights, we just have to pass a piece of paper underneath to show that I have lifted it.