Question: Because of what you are doing with these weights, is there a permanent change in the evolution of the inconscience world?

Sri Chinmoy: I will not be able to say. In my case, evolution is taking place, but again this evolution can be compared to an aeroplane. The aeroplane is getting better, but the pilot has to become better also. In my case, I am seeing that I have brought a little light into inconscience, but I will not be able to say, like the science and scientists, that it is now for all. This is the difficulty. Evolution of consciousness is not like the scientists' achievements. When they do something, immediately the whole world gets the benefit. If you have a little money, you can buy all kinds of modern electronics, but here it is not like that. Some people who are aspiring can get this light, but it is very limited. I cannot say that it is in the universe now. Yes, in theory it has taken place, but when it is a practical matter, I will have to look around and see where there is a little aspiration; there my light will work. There are many places with this kind of inconscience or resistance where I will be able to offer my light. But I will not be able to say that in every nook and corner of the world I will be successful, no.