Recognising a realised Master

How can you know whether an individual is a realised soul? You have to go deep within to find the answer. If I say that I have realised God, you will say, "How do you know?" Then I will simply say, "I have tasted the fruit. I have eaten the mango and now I know what it is." Then you may ask, "Where is the proof?" The proof is that a realised soul can offer Light to hundreds of people; he has a heart that is flooded with Light and Delight. And who sees it? A true seeker sees it.

If one wants to know about medicine or understand what a doctor says, one has to be at least a nurse. One has to have at least a little knowledge about medicine. Now, if someone uses a medical term, I will be like a total stranger. I know nothing about medical science, but a nurse does know. In the spiritual life also, one has to be a truly sincere seeker to be able to tell whether a spiritual Master has realised God or not. One has to have some aspiration, one has to reach a certain standard of aspiration in order to get a glimpse of the reality that the spiritual Master embodies, reveals and manifests. One has to be a true and sincere seeker in order to see and feel whether the Master is genuine.

What do we expect from a spiritual Master who has realised the Highest? We want his peace and his love, the divine love that he can give to expand the consciousness of the individual soul and the collective soul. The spiritual Master has only one thing to offer and that is Light, which comes in the form of love or in the form of peace. These are the things that a spiritual Master can offer and does offer if he is a realised soul.

And then, when he meditates, he has the capacity to bring down Peace, Light and Bliss from above. During our meditation today I did bring down Peace, Light and Bliss and each of you received according to your individual capacity, according to your power of receptivity. Some of you have received a little, some of you have received much, while others perhaps have not received at all. Some of you came with sincere aspiration, while others came just to kill time. For those it is a sheer waste of time to be here. But when there is inner receptivity, undoubtedly one develops the capacity of outer recognition. At that time one can know whether a spiritual Master is a realised soul.