The Master's task

When the Master accepts someone as a disciple, that means the Master makes a solemn promise to the seeker's soul that he will take the seeker to God. At the time of initiation, the Master promises to the seeker, "Don't worry about your weakness, about your darkness, about your ignorance. I will take care of them. You just give them to me. From now on your limitations, your imperfections and bondage are all mine; I will take care of them."

The Master does not take away the disciple's individuality or personality. The Master only takes the disciple to God. A spiritual Master is only an elder brother to humanity; he takes his younger brothers to their common Father and then his role is over. Where is there a question of individuality and personality? The only thing is that if the seeker retains his individuality and personality, then he may not listen to or believe what his elder brother is telling him. The Master does not try to take away the seeker's individuality and personality; only he tells the disciple, "If you give it up, then you will be able to believe me, and so much the better for you."

A thief may tell you, "Don't steal, don't steal, it is very bad." A liar may tell you, "Don't tell a lie, don't tell a lie, it is very bad." But this doesn't give you any inspiration. True, you are not going to commit a theft and you are not going to tell a lie; but if you hear the same thing from a saintly person, a spiritual Master, then immediately you will get tremendous strength, tremendous energy and power within you. You will feel that in this life you will never tell a lie or do anything wrong, because when the Master tells you something, he injects tremendous will-power into you. He is not just saying something; there is tremendous power within his words. A liar may say the same thing, but when a spiritual Master tells you, "Do not enter into the life of falsehood," immediately you will feel tremendous inner power. And this inner power that he is bringing to the fore is your own power. In this way you can be inspired to lead a spiritual life by a great Master.

I wish to advise you to read books about spiritual Masters. If you want to read on Indian spirituality you can read the books that were written by Swami Vivekananda. Others have written on Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Aurobindo. If you read about the lives of the great Masters, you are bound to be inspired.