Hariye Pathe Priyatame

Hariye pathe priyatame
Elam pathe phire
Ke janere kothai gela
Kon ajana pure
Keu ba bale pabe tare
Guhar andhare
Keu ba bale khonja tare
Nadir opare
Ar parina klanto ami
Pathe ghure ghure
Ebar ami dube jabo
Apan hiya pure


I have lost my Beloved Supreme
While we were walking along
Eternity’s road.
I do not know where He is now,
In which clime of the unknown Beyond.
Some seekers tell me
That He is to be found
Inside my heart’s dark ignorance-cave,
While others tell me
To look for Him
On the other side of the life-river.
Alas, I am totally tired
And utterly exhausted.
I shall no more search for Him.
I shall just dive deep into my heart-reality
For an eternal rest.