Amar Jata Baroi Mishti

Amar jata baroi mishti
Ami kari katoi srishti
Sanga kintu ke jabena sheshe
Ekla jete habe niruddeshe
Amar apan deha bhabe
Tao je rekhe jete habe
Tomar eta bojhar sathe
Niye jao ma bojhati amar
Laho mago laho laho
Laho amar bhar


What I have is always sweet and dear.
I ceaselessly create.
Alas, I do not know that nobody
and nothing
Will accompany me to the other world.
Alone I shall enter
Into the world of the Unknown.
Even my own physical body
I shall have to leave behind.
Mother, in spite of Your
Own heavy load
I know You will carry me,
An additional load.
Mother, do carry me.