Man Daoni Mani

Man daoni mani
Apaman je maner sathe
Karchhe tanatani
Dan daoni data
Nitya jena tomar paye
Thake amar matha
Ja diyechho na chahite
Taito tomar bani
Eso amar hriday dale
Eso hriday rani


O Queen of my heart,
You have not given me signal honour.
I know perfectly well that dishonour and honour
Are inseparable.
O Queen of my heart, they live together
and pull me towards them.
O Queen of bounty,
You have not given me Your Wealth.
Nevertheless I wish to keep my head
always at Your Feet.
Whatever You have given me
Is nothing short of Your Message-Light.
Do come into my lotus-heart and occupy it,
O Queen of my heart.