The Red Cross2

I am extremely, extremely grateful to the Red Cross. The Red Cross has the most sympathetic heart in this world. The Red Cross is crying to save the bleeding heart of humanity. I am so grateful and so proud that I am able to be closely associated with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is all over the world and it has only one purpose: to be one with the suffering humanity. Wherever there is suffering, the Red Cross is there to be of service to the suffering humanity. For that I am very, very grateful to you, the devoted representatives of the Red Cross and very, very proud of the Red Cross.

ITU 2. 18 December 2004, Xiamen, China. A delegation from the Red Cross attended Sri Chinmoy's concert at the Botanical Garden in Xiamen, China. After the concert, Sri Chinmoy presented to the Red Cross a large supply of blankets, school supplies and toys from his humanitarian organisation, The Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles. He then made these comments.

Sri Chinmoy, I thank You, Agni Press, 2014