Plays based on my stories3

I have written over the years many, many stories. On the Christmas Trip I hope you can perform plays based on my stories. At least try to take thirty per cent from my writings and seventy per cent can be your own words. But do not make them one hundred per cent your words. If you make them one hundred per cent your words, I will not understand! Some disciples are using seventy or eighty per cent my words. You may say that if your play is one hundred per cent my words, there will be no juice in it! We all like juice, but you can mix the juice with a little water — that is to say, my own words. Otherwise sometimes I do not understand your plays. But please do something. It will make me happy.

Again, some people perform plays using absolutely one hundred per cent my words and I understand them perfectly.

ITU 3. 22 December 2004, Qingdao, China

Sri Chinmoy, I thank You, Agni Press, 2014