Question: When I go to sleep I think I enter into death-consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy: Some of the boys and girls don't follow basic hygiene. Sometimes when I go to you while you are sleeping, when I go to show you compassion in the inner world, I literally hate myself for doing it. I see that you people are dirty, filthy. Some of you don't take the trouble of washing your face or brushing your teeth even. So how are you going to accept God-sleep, sound sleep? Then, if you are unclean and you perspire while sleeping, the impure vital becomes much stronger, because the physical uncleanliness adds to the inner impurity.

You people don't realise how much I suffer. Naturally, I go to you out of compassion and gratitude to give you a blessing. "Let me give him something in the soul's world," I say. But when I see the physical, I die. The physical is like the door. If the door is filthy, dirty, how can I enter into the room without touching it? And if I don't enter into the house, how am I going to see the beautiful soul inside? So I open that filthy door.

Many times I do things for you while you are sleeping. Sometimes, at night, there are quite a few serious problems waiting for me, just lined up. And I have to enter into your dark, lowest vital. But what can I do? Many times I have to deal with the disciples' problems inwardly. If I tell you outwardly to do something, then I become your enemy. Bad children don't like it when the parents tell them things. But inwardly, when the parents tell them, they discover the thing for themselves. Hundreds of times I knock at your door to tell you when you do something wrong. If you are sleeping, how will you know? If your mother and father come by your bed and pray for you, you will not know. Only you will say, "Oh, something nice has come into my life."