Part III — The positive approach

The positive approach

Some of the disciples feel that by not doing certain things, they will be able to please me. They feel that by not doing something, they will be able to please me more than by doing something wrong. But this is the wrong approach. If you say that by not doing an undivine action you are gaining strength, then I wish to say that you are getting thirty per cent or forty per cent out of a hundred. But if you can do the right thing, at that time you are getting one hundred out of one hundred.

Suppose an evil thought comes to your mind and you are not bringing it down to the vital plane or the physical plane. But why do you have to allow the undivine thought to enter even on the mental plane? At that time, you should consciously take a divine thought and let it come to your vital and physical plane. Let it manifest on the physical plane. By not doing the wrong thing, the mark that you will get will be forty at most. But by doing the right thing in the mental plane, the vital plane, the physical plane, you are going to get at least ninety out of a hundred.

When you people say that you have not done something bad, I will say, "You have not done something bad. You have conquered your temptation. God bless you. I am so proud of you." But by conquering your temptation, the mark that you get will not be the same as the mark that you would get by doing something positive.

You wanted to do something undivine, but by some miracle or stroke of luck you did not do it. So you bless yourself. But tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, the same temptation will come and kill you. But if you take the positive approach and do not even allow the temptation to enter into you, that is much better. Once you allow temptation to come, you can try to fight it. But you have to know that ignorance has much more power than your so-called mental will. So if you say, "I won't do a bad thing," then certainly God will be pleased. But if you do the right thing, at that time God will be much more pleased. You are meditating here and a little boy is shouting, screaming. If you just ignore him and wait for him to go away, that is one approach. But if you scold him and teach him how to behave, that is the positive approach. If you tell him not to do the wrong thing, you are getting one hundred out of one hundred. But if you just ignore him and say, "Let him stop in his own way," he will not stop. He will go on, go on, go on.

Many times you people have a vital desire, an evil desire, or jealousy or any wrong force, and you just conquer it. For that I will give you forty per cent. But if you offer your love and devotion to the Supreme and try to bring down Light and other positive qualities, you are going to get one hundred out of one hundred. By trying to resist the negative qualities or avoiding them, you don't get much strength, because the negative qualities have tremendous power. Today you are strong, so they have not attacked you. But tomorrow they will attack you. Tomorrow you will become a victim to their whim. But if you take the positive side all the time, through prayer, through meditation, through invoking Peace, Light and Bliss, then you become really divine. Then these forces will not bother you any more.