Questions and answers

Question: What can I do to please you in your own way?

Sri Chinmoy: Is there anybody who does not know how to please me in my own way? Everybody, even a child of three, knows; only he has to do it. There is nobody in God's creation or among my disciples who can say that he does not know. The first thing he will do is please the Supreme. The Supreme comes first in the disciple's life; everything else is secondary. Then, when he realises the fact that the Supreme comes first in his life, at that time he has to go one step ahead. He has to please only the Supreme in himself and in everybody. He has only one obligation and that is to please the Supreme. Then all the truths will reveal themselves to him.

Every moment ignorance is making us feel that our life is very difficult, very hard. But if we live in wisdom or light, then we see that our life's journey is not a difficult task. It is very easy if we can feel that there is only one Person in our life and that this Person is the only one whom we have to please. How do we please Him? If we want to please Him, then He has to come first in everything that we do. Every thought must be preceded by the word “Supreme”. Every idea must be preceded by the word “Supreme”. In everything that we do, from beginning to end, we have to keep the Supreme in mind.