Question: Guru, when you say we cherish doubts and other undivine things, what do you mean by 'cherish'?

Sri Chinmoy: When I say that you cherish something, I mean that you get a kind of subtle joy from it. When the thought first starts, it is like a tiny child. When a little child pinches an adult, the adult gets pain; but just because it is such a little child, the adult does not stop him. He gets pain but also he gets a kind of joy that such a little tiny thing is pinching him. Then, as the child gets older, the adult lets him keep on pinching because he is getting a little joy. When the child grows up and becomes an adolescent, when he pinches the adult it will really hurt. When this little child grows up, he will really give that person a blow.

So this little undivine thought, when it starts out, is very tiny. It gives you a little pain, but also it gives you a little joy. You feel that you are protecting it, that you are in control. You feel that you can throw it out at any time. You allow the thought to come into your house. If it is a desire, you feel that at any time you can either fulfil it or not fulfil, that it is up to you, since you are the host. But once this thought enters into your house, it grows. When you cherish it, it feels that the house is really its house, and that it is the host and you are the guest. Then, it is in charge of you.