Question: Guru, where do these undivine thoughts come from?

Sri Chinmoy: They come from outside or from within you. When they come from outside it is comparatively easy to throw them. When you see that an undivine thought is coming, just feel that your forehead is a brick wall and do not allow anything to come in. As soon as a thought comes from outside, just throw it. Don't allow it to enter into your consciousness even for a second.

But if you have let a bad thought enter into your house, or if it is the type of thought that comes from within — like jealousy — then it is much harder. You have to feel that a thief is hiding in your house and you have to drag him out. When a thought comes from outside, you feel that it is a stranger and you won't let him in. You just stand in front of the door and he can't come in. Vigilance, constant vigilance, is necessary. You have to catch him before he comes in. But once he is inside, it is harder. A thief is in your house; he is hiding under the bed or in the closet somewhere. So, you have to find him and throw him out. If you allow him to stay, then he may take away something precious or he may kill somebody.

You may feel that you are too weak to throw away these undivine thoughts. But I am strong, so just identify yourself with me and get my help. Think of me, meditate on me; throw the thoughts into me. Then you will get relief. But also, you have to get some vital purification at that time. Otherwise, you will just throw the thought and immediately it will come back; you will throw it and it will return. So, when you meditate, concentrate on the navel for a while for purity. Try to bring light down from the heart into the vital. Then, when you throw these undivine thoughts into my consciousness, they will not return.