Question: Guru, when I have these kinds of undivine thoughts, I identify with them and I think they are really me. I think how terrible I am and that you don't love me.

Sri Chinmoy: Don't identify with these thoughts. They come from outside or they have entered into you from the outside. Sometimes they are stimulated by the sense organs. But you have to realise that all these thoughts come from without or are stimulated by outer events, so you must not identify with them. As soon as you identify with them, immediately you are caught. Don't identify with other peoples' activities. Don't pass opinions on others' actions. If you do, you are caught. And if you criticise inwardly, then it is worse. If you feel jealousy inwardly but outwardly you try to hide it, then immediately tremendous inner resentment comes. You give that person a broad smile and inwardly you want to kill him or her. This is no good. So just don't identify with these thoughts. They are not you. They are just undivine forces that have entered into you.