Question: Guru, how can we stop unconsciously cherishing undivine thoughts?

Sri Chinmoy: Feel that there are two competitors: your Guru and the undivine thought. Whom do you want to please? If you want to please me, then you cannot cherish this thought, because you know that it will make me feel miserable. Or feel that you have a room to rent. Only one person can rent this room. Do you want to rent it to my compassion, love and concern, or do you want to rent it to the other tenant: fear, doubt and insecurity?

If you don't want to cherish a thought, as soon as it comes immediately say, "Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru!" Say it very fast, like a train rushing by. Or you can say Aum or "Supreme". While you are saying it so rapidly, this thought cannot enter. Then, after five minutes, you will see that you have thought of me for so long whereas you had this undivine thought only for a second. You will get courage from the thing which you did for so long.

You get a false sense of security from anything which you are used to. You live in a house. Right next door your neighbours are fear, doubt and destruction. At any moment they can harm you. But just because you have lived near them for so long, you get a kind of false security. Three blocks away you have a neighbour who is very nice: all compassion, love and concern. This is your soul. But just because he is three blocks away, you don't call on him. You feel that he is too far away and that he is not strong enough. But this is wrong. The soul's love, concern and compassion are most powerful. Or again, you may feel that the soul's love is enormous and because of its enormity, you are afraid. The undivine qualities are little things, so you feel that you can control them. When they enter into you, at that time they control you.