Question: How can you tell the vibration of a place?

Sri Chinmoy: The vibration of a place can come through the eyes, through the ears, through the nose and also through the heart centre. You get the vibration through your organs and also through identification. You are walking along the street and you come to a spot where there is no person, no flower, no garden — nothing; but still you get the smell of a flower. It is not that the wind is blowing the fragrance. No, some spiritual Master or some saint has meditated there and he has left some of his consciousness. That is why you are getting such a good vibration while walking. Purity is coming, fragrance is coming.

If a realised Master walks along a road at noon and an hour later somebody else walks along the same road, if that other person is a developed soul, he is bound to feel something. He will not know where it is coming from, but he will definitely know that some spiritual figure, saintly figure, has been there. It is like a dog that can trace the scent. Good spiritual souls can also do this kind of thing.

Again, you may be walking and all of a sudden bad thoughts will come; all evil thoughts are entering into your mind. What has happened is that some bad person has sat there and left his vibration.

You can keep your eyes closed but it will not help you, because your whole body is identifying with the good or bad thing. If you are very, very strong and are surcharged in your inner and outer being with tremendous power, then if the thing is bad, you can destroy it; and if it is good, you can use it to increase your own aspiration.