Question: Are there individuals among your disciples today who have a soul's connection with Vishma? How does it compare with the soul's connection we'll have with you in our next incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: In their next incarnation I hope that the seven hundred or eight hundred divine or undivine soldiers that I have will practise spirituality. I will not take incarnation, but they will have a soul's connection with me. Their connection with me will be infinitely stronger because of my God-realisation. A soul's connection with Vishma or any other human being will not be as strong, because that person has not realised God. Vishma knew who Krishna was. In your highest consciousness you people also are aware of who I am. But that does not mean that you have realised me. You know that I am a spiritual Master of great height and all that, but to know me and to realise me are totally different things.