Question: Who made me a space cadet? Did God make me a space cadet or did I make myself a space cadet?

Sri Chinmoy: I am diving deep within to answer this question. God made you thirty-three per cent a space cadet. Then you liked it so much that you took advantage of what God had given you and you added sixty-six per cent. And I liked it so much that I added the extra one per cent.

So God started the game, you continued the game and I completed it. Thirty-three per cent of the credit goes to God, sixty-six per cent goes to your own noble self and one per cent goes to me. So in this way you are a perfect space cadet — a divinely perfect, supremely perfect, one hundred per cent space cadet.

Yesterday you proved it. You got into the car without your books. So, does my mind work, or does only my soul work? When you were inside the car your Master said, "She has come without her books." So the first thing I asked you when you got inside the car was, "Where are your books?" Then you ran. If we had left, the custodian would have gone home and God alone knows where the books might have gone.

To be a space cadet is the greatest honour. Many times I have taught the space cadets various things. When you eat, do you take the dishes out of your house? Do you walk in the street with only one shoe on? Do you forget your name? No, you don't forget your name. There was a time when I did those things, so still I can defeat you.