Question: How can we get instant, automatic inspiration? A lot of times, when you are meditating one by one on all the disciples, I notice that my mind is wandering when you are about to concentrate on me. How can I get instant inspiration to be receptive in any situations

Sri Chinmoy: Good boy, always think of the ideal. The ideal means the height; the ideal means the source. Always think of me as your highest height and your source in any field. Suppose you need inspiration in writing poems. Immediately think of my poetry-capacity; think of the thousands of poems I have written. If you need inspiration in painting, then think of my art-capacity. Here your ideal is the poet in me or the artist in me. If you need the inspiration to realise God, then think of the seeker in me. In any field where you need inspiration, immediately see me as the highest height to which you are aspiring. If you think of the highest height, then automatically you get inspiration.

Some people say, "Oh, there is a yawning gulf between the highest height and my present state." But my theory is always to think of the highest and the largest. You may see yourself as only a tiny drop, but if you think of the ocean, then immediately you will see that the ocean can never be separated from the tiny drop. The highest height can never be separated from the lowest, because there is no break between the lowest and the highest. If you think of yourself as the foot of the tree and me as the height, then easily you can see that we are one. If something goes wrong with the foot, the foundation, then the tree breaks and its height goes away. So if you think of yourself and of me in this way, then you will know that if something goes wrong with you, then my height also goes.

From inspiration you get aspiration; from aspiration you get realisation. When I am looking at you, immediately think of me as realisation. Realisation means a flood of light. Right now just a little light you have, but you want to go to the infinite effulgence of light.

If you see the ultimate, then immediately you get a kind of inner joy and inner thrill, and this will inspire you. But if you think of yourself as starting to run a marathon race, with the goal far beyond, then you are lost. With your aspiration you are just starting, and you have to go one mile, two miles, three miles, four miles; O God! If you think this way, then you are finished; you will never reach your realisation-goal. No, you have to think of your first goal as one mile, your second goal as two miles, your third goal as three miles and so on. When you start the marathon, take the first mile as your goal, and at that time think that I am also there. Or if even that seems too far away, then feel that I am at the start with you. In this way you will be able to complete the distance between your aspiration and your realisation. Again, you may say, "If Guru is here at the start with me, then what is the use of going there? If I get him here at the start, then I don't have to see him at the finish." That is not good, either. The best thing is to feel my inspiration and aspiration inside you. But don't forget that I am there in the goal, with the goal and as the goal for you.

So always when you want to do something or become something, think of the highest height. Think of me or meditate on me; or if you can't think and you can't meditate, then just imagine. For thinking you have to use the mind, but if you want to grow into something, then you have to use the aspiring heart. Thinking is a very difficult subject. It may take such a long time to think of someone as a good person. You are trying desperately to think of some good qualities in Nathan, but it is taking such a long time for you. He has caused the fire in your store, so it is very difficult for you to think of his good qualities. But easily you can imagine, "Oh, Nathan is such a good boy." Imagination far surpasses thinking-power. So if you can imagine what your goal is, then you get immediate inspiration. Use your imagination-power and then you will see that your inspiration-power and aspiration-power have become very powerful and strong.