Question: The other day I was walking by the United Nations and I saw a little baby in a baby carriage. He was about a year or a year and a half old. The baby had sort of a blank expression, but somehow I saw in this expression great anxiety and perplexity, as if the world were a very painful and bewildering place. I was very moved, very pained by this experience, and whenever I think of it I still feel very moved. What can I learn from this experience?

Sri Chinmoy: Are you sure that the baby was getting that kind of high experience — that the world is full of sorrow? Maybe he had just been scolded by his mother for misbehaving or something?

My feeling was that this was an expression of not understanding the world.

Sri Chinmoy: I don't think the baby's soul was so developed that it was identifying with the world-soul. Only I think it was your own feeling projected, for what you described is not coming to me inwardly. It was your own aspiration and your own state of consciousness that you thought of; it was not coming from the baby at all.