Question: What happens to the soul of a person who is executed but was innocent?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul will not feel sorry the way a human being feels sorry. It will feel sorry in a divine way. It will feel that an opportunity has been lost on earth. It will feel sorry that it did not get the opportunity to manifest the Divine the way it was supposed to manifest the Divine. But there will not be an iota of worry, anxiety, impatience or grievance, for that is not the way the soul acts. The human vital is always doomed to disappointment when something goes wrong, but the soul embodies patience-light. The soul deals with Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. It knows that it will come back in six years or twenty years or thirty years. Twenty or thirty years, in the soul's case, is like a second. So the soul can wait. It says, "All right, the ignorance-force has destroyed my house, the body. But I am dealing with Eternity."

This is true only if the soul is very mature and if the soul has inner wisdom in boundless measure. But if the soul is not fully mature, and if the soul mixes with the strangling vital, the frustrated vital, then the soul will also suffer. So, you have to know how far away the soul is from the vital, the vital that likes to struggle and fight, the vital that likes the chaos of life. If the soul is very advanced, then it will not be sad, for it knows that in the twinkling of an eye the Supreme will grant it another opportunity. The soul knows that here on earth there are many, many undivine and hostile forces which can act through the judge.

If the world were totally perfect, then the soul would not have this attitude. If the soul saw that everybody was crying for perfection or that everybody had some perfection, then it would say, "Why am I not becoming totally perfect?" But when the soul sees that imperfection looms large everywhere, what can the soul expect? The soul says, "The best thing is to go slowly and steadily, as the human life progresses towards the light."