Question: Does a person have the right to ask to be killed?

Sri Chinmoy: If he wants to be killed, he has the right in his own way to commit suicide. From the highest point of view, suicide is the worst possible crime. If someone has done something wrong, he has to be very brave. He has to face the consequences and try to illumine himself so that he does not make the same blunder again. That is absolutely the right thing in order to work for perfection. But by killing himself, what is he accomplishing? He will come back in his next incarnation with the same standard, the same attitude towards life, and his perfection will remain a far cry. When someone has done something wrong, he should let the judge decide what is his punishment. He should not take the matter into his own hands and ask for execution. Then, when the punishment is over, let him try to turn over a new leaf so that he can make progress and become a better member of society.