Part IV — Marathoners meet: Toshihiko Seko and Sri Chinmoy


On December 18, 1985 Sri Chinmoy met with Mr. Toshihiko Seko, Japan's champion marathon runner, and his manager, Mr. Shoichi Kobayashi, in Tokyo. Following are excerpts from their conversation.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to offer my soul's deepest gratitude to our Brother-Father-Mentor-Coach, Nakamura. While he was on earth, he wanted his dearest Seko to offer to the world something unique. I am sure that in the soul's world he has the same vision — that his dearest student-son should offer something most extraordinary to the world at large.

His departure is extremely significant. According to Indian philosophy, water means consciousness: water signifies consciousness infinite. His soul came from Infinity and has again gone back to Infinity. From the infinite Consciousness he appeared on the earth plane to inspire the running world to become more perfect and to do many, many other extraordinary things not only for his beloved Japan but for the whole world.

Here we are remembering and we shall always remember our dearest Nakamura, our Brother-Father-Teacher-Friend, with our heart's boundless gratitude. His wisdom, his compassion, his love and his feeling of oneness for his students, especially Seko, for his dear, intimate ones and for the whole world, will always be treasured by us all. Now we are invoking his soul and praying to bring down his soul's presence to bless us all with his boundless Peace, Light and Delight.