Mr. Kobayashi: One of Mr. Nakamura's students just won the relay on the 15th of December.

Sri Chinmoy: Now that he is in the soul's world, he has much more Power, Love and Light than he had when he was in the physical. So he is able to achieve many more things than he was able to achieve when he was in the body. The body has limited capacities; the soul has unlimited capacities. So his soul's unlimited capacities he is offering to his students. His blessings from Heaven he is sending to his students.

Mr. Kobayashi: I would like to thank you for these kind words. As long as the runners follow Mr. Nakamura's spirit and feel that he is protecting them from Above, they will be able to continue with their effort and do very well.

Sri Chinmoy: I also feel exactly the same. As long as they offer their love and gratitude to their Sensei-Teacher-Brother-Friend, he will offer them Heavenly blessings. And these Heavenly blessings will become their most astonishing achievements.