Seko: I am sure that Mr. Nakamura, my Sensei's soul, is blessing us from Heaven. I feel that his blessings are raining down. It is a fact that he is no longer here on earth and now is the time for me to look into the future. I would like to remember and follow what my Sensei has taught me and become an even greater person than he was. I do not know if I can, but with this hope I would like to live the rest of my life.

Sri Chinmoy: The real father gets tremendous joy and satisfaction only when he sees that his son, his student, has surpassed him. If the father goes only to high school and then he sees his son going to college and learning much more than he has learned, he gets tremendous joy. Always the younger generation has to surpass the older generation; that is evolution. Someone achieves something, and his son goes far beyond his achievement. With Mr. Nakamura's blessings, Seko will go beyond him; and with Seko's blessings, the young generation will go beyond him. This is the message of the Beyond. I am very happy to hear this.

Now I would like my students to sing several songs for you.