Seko: The President of Tiger was a good friend of Mr. Nakamura, so Tiger supplied the runners with shoes.

How many are running the marathon tomorrow? Are you also running?

Sri Chinmoy: Most of my students will run tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am having problems with my knees so I will not be able to run the marathon. Is it your left ankle that is injured?

Seko: The sole of my right foot has been injured for five months.

Sri Chinmoy: So for five months you have not been practising?

Seko: Very little. Only jogging.

Sri Chinmoy: It is getting better now?

Seko: It is a little better; there is a little progress. Next year I would like to go to Chicago to run the marathon.

Sri Chinmoy: The Chicago and New York marathons are practically in the same month.