Mr. Kobayashi: We just heard that next year the Chicago and New York marathons will take place on the same day — the first Sunday in November.

Sri Chinmoy: There will be a real competition. Chicago will give more money. There will be a competition in money-power.

Mr. Kobayashi: Chicago was very greedy last year. For the record-breaking runner the prize money was very high.

Sri Chinmoy: This year they will increase the prize money.

Mr. Kobayashi: Probably the runners are more concerned with which races the stronger runners go to. They are more concerned with the competition than the money. They will go to the race that has the more powerful runners. If Chicago has more powerful runners, they will go there — not just because of the prize money but because of the good competition.

Sri Chinmoy: They are not greedy; they only want to increase their capacity.