Question: I have always had a great interest in philosophy. Once during my sleep, I felt that Socrates and Ben Franklin were two incarnations of one soul. Can you trust a dream that seems so clear?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on your own development. Today you are saying Socrates was Benjamin Franklin; tomorrow you may say that he was Aristotle or somebody else, and many names will go through your mind. If it is simply an ordinary dream or a kind of a flash, then please don't give any importance to it. But if it dawns like a vision, then you can say that it is something true, and you will derive benefit from it.

The spiritual life is something much deeper than the philosophic life. Philosophy can come right up to the door of God's Palace, but it cannot enter inside, whereas spirituality can enter into God's Palace. Philosophy helps; it creates a kind of higher reason. But the actual feeling of God, the feeling of becoming one with God, philosophy can never achieve. It is only our spiritual practice, our spiritual life, that can do this.