Question: What is the relationship between our dreams and reality?

Sri Chinmoy: A dream that comes from the subconscious world, where we are quarrelling and fighting and doing many undivine things, will not necessarily materialise. But a dream that comes from the higher worlds is bound to materialise. Today's dream is tomorrow's reality. Why? Because the dream is coming from a world which is living and palpable. With our limited consciousness we do not know this. But when we meditate we consciously enter into many higher worlds, and the reality of these worlds enters into us in our dreams.

An ordinary man sees a dream as something totally separate from the rest of his life. He feels that he is living in the reality, whereas the dream has nothing to do with reality. It is something sweet, something precious, something encouraging, something inspiring and so forth, but he does not feel that it is more than that. But when a spiritual man has a dream, he immediately feels that his dream is the precursor of reality. He feels that each dream is a stepping-stone towards his divine Goal.