Question: I felt that I was climbing a very steep hill. It was green, very luscious, with grass and stuff. It was becoming very steep, and I got afraid. But I kept going up with the assistance of an unidentified person. When I almost reached the top, I was distracted by some nuns offering flowers.

Sri Chinmoy: I wish to say that the spiritual path is most arduous, and it is very steep. When you have to go up, it is most difficult. The beings you saw were not actually nuns; they were angels. But in your dream you felt they were nuns because your physical mind was operating. Your physical mind did not want to feel that you saw angels, because it did not want you to get the greatest joy. The mind is like that. It destroys everything. With your heart you went up very high, but your mind wanted to diminish your joy. So the mind made you see them as nuns. If the mind had not interfered, then you would have been so happy to see angels with flowers.