Question: I have wonderful meditations with you and then go home that night and have very vital and impure dreams.

Sri Chinmoy: When you have vital dreams, they have to be purified. If you leave your room messy, you cannot expect that if you enter into the room, all of a sudden it will automatically be clean. You have to enter into the room and try to clean up the mess, pick up some things, throw away some things.

Here in meditation you will seek light, and this light has to enter into your vital to purify it. If you enter into a dark room without a light, you won't see anything. Then you will think that everything is all right. But once you turn on the light, you will see that nothing is all right, that there are all destructive forces in the room. This is good, because then you will be in a position to transform these forces. When you get light and bliss from your meditation, when you enter into the vital world, there is every possibility of purifying it. So don't worry about these vital dreams. When you have a wonderful meditation, try to bring the light from your meditation into your vital dreams and purify them. Let your dreams be purified by the power of your meditation.