Question: It was evening. First I saw the green sari and then I noticed the evening twilight.

Sri Chinmoy: The green sari means inspiration, dynamic energy, new hope, new identity, new life, and twilight means a sort of light and darkness, let us say half light and half darkness. Although your sister has hope and inspiration and cries for new life, she is not fully ready to accept the spiritual path. She is ready to have fifty per cent darkness and fifty per cent light. But if she were really aspiring, she would want to have one hundred per cent light.

She has or had the opportunity to be dynamic, to be very fresh and full of enthusiasm, and to enter into the sea of light, but she did not care for the opportunity. She did not avail herself of it. She wants to enjoy both the outer world and the inner world together, which is impossible. She wanted to enjoy both the outer world of darkness and the inner world of illumination at the same time. She wanted half light and half darkness in her life, a mixture of both. But a mixture of both you cannot have. Either you have to have light or darkness; you cannot be in between.