Question: I dreamt that I was talking to someone and we were looking over a vast, fertile land. Also I saw the sky which was like a golden dawn, like when the sun is rising over the land and casting a gold light.

Sri Chinmoy: The sky signifies vastness. And the vast land that you saw also represents vastness. High above you there is vastness and here where you are standing there is also vastness. When the vastness above and the vastness around you meet together, then only will fulfilment come. The higher vastness means Heaven, and the other vastness is earth, where you are living. When our earth-consciousness is widened, immediately the Heaven-consciousness, which is infinitely wider than the earth-consciousness, meets with the earth-consciousness. When they meet together, immediately you see a gold colour. This is the colour of divine manifestation. When earth is receptive, then the Light of Heaven can enter into it. When earth's heart is wide, immediately Light from Heaven can enter. At that time, Heaven's illumining consciousness and earth's aspiring consciousness become one. And when they have become one, it is a manifestation of the divine Reality.