Whenever you do something wrong, God will forgive you, I will forgive you; but there is someone who will not forgive you and that is your soul. For each mistake that you deliberately make, your soul will take time to forgive you. The soul does not forgive so easily because the soul knows that due to this particular mistake, this deliberate mistake, it will have to reincarnate on earth for many more years. It takes so much time for the soul to make you realise and make you reveal and make you manifest, and this will only delay your progress. Each time you make a conscious mistake, your soul knows that it is like going a hundred steps backwards. You want to reach your destination and you are given a particular place to start from; but then you are actually starting your journey one hundred metres behind. So naturally you are delaying your journey instead of expediting it. The soul is the eldest brother and it has promised the Supreme Father that the younger members will be taken care of. The soul is fully responsible for your life. When the soul sees that the younger members are not listening and the soul has to account for it, at that time the soul feels miserable.

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Sri Chinmoy, Khama karo, Agni Press, 1987