Question: On the outer plane we all have two legs, two arms, a head and so forth. Do we all have the same inner structure?

Sri Chinmoy: We have a physical body, a subtle body and a causal body. Whatever we have in the physical body, we have the same in the subtle body. But in the causal body there is no limit. If we want to, we can have five or six arms the way the Indian gods and goddesses have. If the seeker has made progress, if he wants to have a different kind of structure in the inner body, he can, but only for his own fulfilment. If I have ten hands or arms or legs, I will not be able to accomplish something more on the inner plane. There we are dealing with will-power. We do not need a different kind of structure in order to achieve something in the inner world. Somebody can be very thin in the inner world but still have tremendous strength. If one has made tremendous progress, he can totally change his inner structure. But there are many who do not do that, because it is absolutely unnecessary.