Question: Is there any danger of disciples becoming attached to the Master?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on how they think of their Master. If you take the Master as a God-realised soul, there is no problem. But if you take him as a human being, then there may be a problem. If you are attached to the sky, can this cause any emotional problem for you? No. If you are attached to the ocean, is there any problem? But if you are attached to a certain tree or a certain house, then you are in trouble. If you consider your Master as only an inch higher than you are, or only a foot higher than you in inner wisdom, then there is a great danger in becoming attached to him. You have to consider your Master as something vaster than the vastest. If you are attached to the sky or the sun or something very vast, that is not the same as human attachment. That is only your eagerness to grow into that enormous height or expanse or capacity. But if you think of the Master as you would any ordinary person and consider that he is just a little better than you are, then you are in trouble.

Three or four years ago my brother, who is dearer than the dearest to me, wrote: "I know who you are. You are for the Infinite and in the Infinite. But why do you blame your disciples for thinking of you as another human being? It is so difficult for them. They see you eating like them, shouting, barking, struggling, so naturally they can't fathom who you are." So it depends on how the disciple approaches the Master — what kind of relationship he has. If you have the inner feeling that I am infinitely higher or vaster than you, then you cannot try to bind me. Your attachment is destructive only when you feel you can bind and possess me. If you are giving me whatever capacity you have for love and devotion, with the hope that I will be able to give you more, then you are safe. You are giving your little capacity to the Master, and he will give you his limitless capacity. Your own faith, understanding, love and consciousness you have to apply in order to know whether you are trying to possess your Master or trying to become part and parcel of his universal existence.

So attachment is very bad if you think of your Master only on the physical plane. But if you take your Master as a God-realised soul whose existence is limitless, then you cannot be attached. You can be attached to something which is a little higher than you or better than you. But if you think of something or someone as truly vast, then you will be devoted, and not attached.