Question: I want to be able to receive completely everything that you want to give me. How can I best achieve this?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to receive what I would like to offer you completely, unreservedly, devotedly and unconditionally, you have to do two things. First you have to claim me as your very own and you have to feel that you can do without everything and everybody on earth except me. By me I mean the Supreme in me, who is your Guru, my Guru, everybody's Guru. You have to feel that only I am essential and indispensable in your life, and that is why you are claiming me as your very own. Some people don't claim me as their very own. They feel I am too big or indifferent, or they have millions of other reasons. In spite of being my disciples, they regard me as a third person; they only accept the fact that I am their spiritual Master.

Now, when you claim me as your own, you must not do so in a possessive manner, but in an illumined manner. It is not a physical claim, but a spiritual claim. Because I have realised God and become one with the Universal Consciousness, what I have and am is also yours. The mere acceptance of me that others have is not the answer. Your constant acceptance and your constant remembrance of this acceptance must go together. You have accepted me and you have to make the fact that you have accepted me a living reality in your life.

But then you have to feel that claiming me as your very own is not enough. You also have to proclaim to the world at large what you have seen, felt, grown into and finally become. If you share with the world your experience of oneness with me, then you receive everything. Some people see and feel the light, but they don't want to share it with others. God is very clever. He says, "If you don't want to reveal Me or share Me with others, then why should I give you the capacity to achieve Me and possess Me unreservedly and unconditionally?"

If we want this capacity, God needs from us two things. First we have to claim Him as our very own, and then we have to share Him with others the moment we feel we have got Him in His own way. First you have to get the mango, and while getting it you have to please the Owner in His own way; then you have to share the mango and again please the Owner in His own way. By doing this, you automatically get the capacity to achieve and feel what He wants to give you, and you get the things you want from Him unreservedly and in infinite measure.