Question: How can I get rid of human attachment and become more consecrated to the Supreme within me?

Sri Chinmoy: When you think of human attachment, feel that you are constantly and deliberately drinking poison. Then simply say to yourself, "If I die, will the people to whom I am now attached feel miserable? Will they enter into the coffin with me? Do they have the same love for me that I have for them?" Immediately the answer will come to you, "No! No!" Perhaps they will not even come to your funeral. So why pay attention to them?

There is someone who will follow you faithfully through eternity like a dog, and that is the Supreme. Pay attention only to the Supreme. He will go wherever you go, whether it be Heaven or hell. This moment He tells you, "I am right ahead of you; just follow Me. Don't worry. I shall be with you wherever you go." The next moment He will say, "Go ahead, I am right behind you. I will follow him who is ready to follow Me." The Supreme will always follow you, no matter where you go, but no human being will do this. No human being is going to follow you to the end of your life, not to speak of following you for Eternity. And the Supreme will gladly and cheerfully allow you to follow Him. So what is the use of following human beings or allowing them to follow you? If you have that kind of feeling for the Supreme, if you are devoted only to Him, then your human attachment will go away. And when human attachment goes away, devotion to the Supreme takes birth, grows, develops and reaches perfection. The Supreme needs you; you need Him. You need Him for your highest realisation; He needs you for His perfect manifestation. When you have this understanding, you can easily rid yourself of human attachment and become more consecrated to the Supreme.