Question: How can I get rid of the feeling of inner emptiness?

Sri Chinmoy: Inner emptiness is a very good thing. When you feel empty inwardly, that is the time for God to fill you with His Light and Delight. You are using the wrong term. What you mean is barrenness — barrenness in your mental, vital or physical life. There is a great difference between inner emptiness and barrenness. If you feel barren inside the physical, the vital or the physical mind, that is a real problem. You have to try to get rid of this barrenness. You have to cry like a child and dig, dig, dig deep within yourself for God's Compassion. Barrenness can be got rid of only by a constant inner cry. You need a higher life, a better life, something that will really satisfy you. This need is not desire; it is the longing to be something good, to become something divine and to please God in God's own way. If you cry and cry while digging and digging, you are bound to feel God's Compassion from above.

But if you feel emptiness in your heart centre, it is not barrenness. The very fact that you have emptied yourself is a divine achievement. With the greatest difficulty, or by God's Grace, you have emptied yourself, and this is most desirable. If you are really empty, that means that something has to come and fill you. When you are empty inwardly, the Supreme will fill you with Peace, Light, Delight and other divine qualities.

The more intense your inner cry for Light, Peace and Bliss, the larger your vessel becomes. Peace, Light and Bliss you have perfectly housed within you, for your heart-vessel is large. But when you cry, the vessel becomes larger and you feel that the qualities you have are not enough. At that moment your receptivity is increased, and you are bound to feel that God is bringing down more Peace, Light and Bliss into your system.