The Master returns to his real home

On 26 September 1895 Lahiri Mahashoy was extremely ill. He was lying down in his house, surrounded by his intimate disciples. He was explaining to them some of his favourite verses from the Bhagavad Gita.

All on a sudden, the Master stood up and said, "What am I doing here? Why am I wasting time? It is high time for me to go back to my real Home."

So saying, he entered into a state of deep meditation and left his physical body. A few hours later, on the same day, three of his intimate disciples at different places saw Lahiri Mahashoy's luminous spiritual body consoling them. They did not know of his passing; they knew only that he was extremely sick. But when they went to their Master's ashram, they found that he had passed behind the curtain of Eternity. His physical body was dead, but he had travelled to visit them in his spiritual body.

Spiritual commentary

When the soul-bird comes out of the body-cage, it can easily be visible to those who want to see it. At that time, the limitations of the body disappear and the infinite expansion of the soul appears.

When a sincere seeker enters into the ignorance-life, he says to himself, "What am I doing here?" When the same seeker enters into the aspiration-world, he says to himself, "Why do I not remain here all the time?"

Our earthly home embodies the desire-life. Our Heavenly Home embodies the illumination-life.