Shyama Charan receives initiation

A few days later, Shyama Charan returned to the Master. Babaji said, "The time has come for me to initiate you but, before I do, you have to drink this liquid."

Shyama Charan drank a very large quantity of an oily liquid from an earthen jar. It caused him to vomit and empty himself many times.

Then Babaji said, "Now you are purified, my son. I am giving you puri, halwa and other sweetmeats. Eat them to your heart's content."

Shyama Charan ate them voraciously. Then the Master initiated him compassionately, unreservedly and unconditionally.

Spiritual commentary

When the Master initiates a disciple, the Master accepts everything that the disciple has and is, and he offers to the disciple everything that he himself has and is. The supreme initiation is when the Master says to the disciple, "Take what I have," and the disciple says to the Master, "Take me as I am."