The conqueror of space and time

Shyama Charan returned to Benaras and lived an exemplary householder life, as Babaji had commanded him. At the same time, he became extremely advanced in the practice of Kriya Yoga. He became known from this time on as Lahiri Mahashoy, meaning 'great Teacher', and sometimes as '/Yogiraj" — 'King of the Yogis'. He continued to work as a clerk for the Bengali Military Engineering Service and went to the office faithfully every day. It happened that for a few days his boss, who was an Englishman, was very sad and disturbed. One day Lahiri Mahashoy asked his boss the reason for his sadness. The boss said that his wife was extremely ill in a hospital in England, and that he had not heard any recent news from her or from the family.

Lahiri Mahashoy said to him, "Let me enter into the adjacent office and meditate for some time. Then I will bring you some news."

The boss smiled at the young clerk and inwardly appreciated his good will, but he did not have real faith in him. He felt that to do this kind of thing, one had to be a great spiritual Master with tremendous occult power.

After fifteen minutes, Lahiri Mahashoy emerged from the room and said to his boss, "In two or three days' time, you will receive a letter from your wife. She is doing well. I assure you, you do not have to worry about her at all." He even told his boss what was inside the letter.

In three days, a letter did arrive from the Englishman's wife, and the contents of the letter were exactly as Lahiri Mahashoy had described them.

But the story does not end there. In a few months, the boss's wife sailed for India. Upon arriving in Benaras, she visited her husband's office. When she saw Lahiri Mahashoy, her eyes opened wide in surprise.

She said to her husband, "How can this man be here? I saw him near my deathbed in the hospital. He looked at me and smiled, and then I recovered." Her husband and all those who were working in the office were taken aback.

Lahiri Mahashoy continued to work as a clerk in that office for many, many years because he had to support his family. Only after a considerable length of time, when he had collected a few disciples, was he able to retire.

Spiritual commentary

A spiritual Master is he who has solved space problems, time problems and all other human problems. In his oneness-heart with God's Cosmic Will, the length and breadth of the world abides. He does not go anywhere; he is just there when necessity demands.

Medical power is quite often uncertain. But spiritual power is uncertain only when it is not aware of the omniscient capacity of the Source. When spirituality is fully aware of the capacity of the Source, and its surrender gradually gains the capacity of the Source, lo and behold, it is blessed by the Source and grows into the all-powerful Source itself.