Medical science and spiritual mysteries

One disciple of Lahiri Mahashoy had just received his medical degree. This disciple's name was Chandra Mohan. Full of joy and pride, Chandra Mohan went to his Master and prostrated at his feet. Lahiri Mahashoy blessed him and asked him quite a few questions about medical science.

Then Lahiri Mahashoy said to his disciple, "Can you tell me if I am alive?" Immediately the Master lay down and stopped his heartbeat.

The young man who had just received his degree could not feel the Master's pulse or heartbeat. He was astonished. There were other disciples present and they also could not discern any signs of life in Lahiri Mahashoy. Lahiri Mahashoy was absolutely like a dead body.

This went on for ten or fifteen minutes. Then suddenly Lahiri Mahashoy opened his eyes and said, "You should always remember that far beyond medical science is spiritual science. The medical world will never be able to fathom the spiritual mysteries. But these spiritual mysteries are not mysteries as such. They are the real realities of normal people, and normal people are those who believe in God implicitly."

Spiritual commentary

Spirituality invents, medical science discovers. The invention of spirituality is in perfect harmony with God's omniscient Vision and omnipotent Reality. Spirituality is the foundation of the life-reality-building. This building has quite a few floors: science, art, philosophy, religion and so forth. If there is no foundation, there can be no edifice. It is the spirituality-foundation that supports all the floors and, at the same time, transcends the capacity of even the upper floors. It is consciously one with the root-reality of God's Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.