Question: How can we overcome the mind's limitation at every moment?

Sri Chinmoy: In my daily exercises I often use weights. Weights mean heaviness. When you are in the mind, it is as though you have placed a heavy load on top of your head. It makes your whole head feel heavy. You are one of those who has been making exercise machines for me. Nowadays you are making exercisers with elastic belts. Instead of lifting something heavy, a stretching motion is taking place. This is what you have to do with the mind.

Previously you were dealing with heaviness; you thought of your mind as a heavy load and it was torturing you. But now you should try to feel that the mind is like an elastic belt. Try to feel that it is something very subtle, very light — lighter than the lightest.

The progress of the mind will come only by stretching and widening the mind. The mind is constantly binding us. It tells us, "I have only so much strength. I can only do this or I can only do that." The heart, on the other hand, is constantly expanding. It is always telling us that there is no limit to what we can do in fulfilling God's Will. So in order to overcome the mind's limitations, we have to see the mind as something that can be expanded like the heart and not as something that can only bind us. Only then can the mind make progress, since expansion means progress.

The mind can run very fast like a deer. It has the fastest speed. This moment I am here; the next moment my mind is taking me to Chittagong. But it is not enough for the mind just to run fast. It also has to take the heart along with it. If the mind alone goes to Chittagong, I will only see some broken huts. But if the heart and the soul go along with it, I will also appreciate the beauty of Chittagong and its people. So when you take the mind somewhere, you have to carry the heart inside it. You have to feel that the mind is flying like a bird in the heart's sky — the heart of aspiration, the heart of joy and the heart of concern.