Question: When does a seeker's life become God's Playground?

Sri Chinmoy: Our tennis court in New York is our Aspiration-Ground. When I enter into the tennis ground, even with my ordinary human mind — not to speak of my heart and soul — I feel something very sacred. The whole area where I run and play tennis is constantly aspiring and growing. Every day there I see a new hope and a new dawn.

You want your life to be God's Playground. That means you want to be God's choicest instrument so that God can play in and through you at every moment. If you want God to play in and through you at every moment, then you have to give God all that you have — your positive and your negative qualities.

You have to give God your desire, your aspiration, your stupidity and your wisdom. You may think it is better to give God only your purity and aspiration. But when God comes to you, He does not say, "Give Me only your good qualities. Your bad qualities you keep for yourself because I do not have time to deal with them." He wants all your qualities.

When God stands in front of you and says, "Give Me what you have!" there is no time for you to even think of whether you should give God a flower or a glass of water. Immediately you have to give anything you have. If you try to give God only your good qualities, do you think He will be fooled? Do you think He will say, "Oh, Pulak is so good and pure!" No, no, no! God will say, "Pulak is such a rogue! He is hiding something from me, either because it is very precious or because it is very bad." So if you want your life to be God's Playground, immediately give to God all your weaknesses along with your strengths and good qualities.

There is another thing also you should do. Try to feel that your heart is a vast playground, and that inside this playground there is a special and sacred place where God likes to play. That chosen place is inside your life-breath. Each time you breathe in or breathe out, try to feel that the breath you are inhaling or exhaling is for God. When you are breathing in good thoughts, you have to feel that those good thoughts are for God. And when you are breathing out undivine thoughts, you have to feel that those undivine thoughts are also for God. You don't have to count how many good thoughts you have breathed in or how many bad thoughts you have breathed out. No! Only you have to remember that, good or bad, each breath of yours is for God only.

The seeker's life-breath is the special place inside the seeker's heart-garden that God claims as His own. If at every moment consciously, devotedly and unconditionally we can give to God our life-breath of love and gratitude, then our heart will become God's Playground.