Question: What is humanity's fate over the next decade?

Sri Chinmoy: In my New Year's message this year, I have given the message of newness. God has taken many, many years to create this newness; He has taken many, many years to create this particular year.

There is going to be no more destructive dance. There will be no third world war. Already one superpower has gone. One superpower still exists, but this superpower can only mediate in little, little countries and little villages. That is because the United Nations — or you can call it the heart-power of the world — is becoming infinitely, infinitely more powerful than the mind-power.

For centuries the mind-power has dominated. But the time is coming, not only in the outer or political world but also in the inner world of my disciples, when the mind-power will surrender. At one time the mind-power was very rebellious, but now the mind-power is surrendering to the heart-power.

Brightness and luminosity have already started blossoming. Every day and every hour this brightness and this luminosity are going to increase inside our hearts. And, by virtue of our own aspiration, from our hearts we will be able to offer these qualities to the world at large.

Now it has become extremely clear to me that the spiritual life is going only in one direction; there is not going to be any U-turn. Before we used to go slowly, cautiously and hesitantly. But now I am seeing clearly that our life-boat is sailing confidently towards the destination. We no longer have to go cautiously and carefully. We can go as fast as we want to provided we feel the necessity of reaching our destination as soon as possible so we can embark on a new life and a new journey. There is no end to our journey and no end to our destination.

Previously this new life used to beg us or try to force us to come to it. Now we have surrendered to the new life and it is carrying us to our ever-transcending destination. From now on we will only see the song and dance of the divine forces. The undivine forces are exhausted. They have already started surrendering to the divine forces, and they are ready to abide by the will of the divine forces.